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26 Jun

I’m always surprised when I can’t find a particular thing that I want out there in the vast marketplace. There’s so much crap yet simple things that would sell often don’t seem to pop up when I want them, at least at a price I want to pay. For example I haven’t yet found an affordable club collar shirt that I’d buy yet, though I’ve looked. And in the abundance of double-breasted blazers, none have hit the mark for me.  Given the attention these items are getting on the tubes these days, both are sure to be trendy in the real world very soon. Somebody should step it up and offer classic, yet affordable versions of the runway hits.  J. Crew I’m looking in your direction. Here are some things I’d like to see more of:

The Club Collar Shirt

The Club Collar Shirt

Spring 2010 Modern Double Breasted Coats

Linen Double Breasted Jacket

Linen Double Breasted Jacket

On a different note, I like Martin and Osa’s grey vintagey sweatshirt, but hate the label in the corner.  It’s surprisingly difficult to find a similar but untainted version.  A lot of gray sweatshirts out there, haven’t seen any that hit the spot as of yet.

Martin and Osa Grey Lightweight Sweatshirt

Martin and Osa Grey Lightweight Sweatshirt


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