The Real “Obama Effect”

2 Jul

Last August, I was speeding on my bicycle on the way to scout out a location for an OTR (off-the record: meaning an unannounced trip to a community location such as a diner) location for a certain Presidential candidate.

I was new on the campaign, and did not want to be late, especially for a task relating to the candidate himself.  In the name of expediency I failed to adequately slow down before a sharp left turn and ended up supermaning chin first onto the sidewalk.  I needed 8 stitches to repair a deep gash in my chin.

I chalked up the accident to my over eagerness and was embarrassed to have missed the scouting trip due to a bike fall.   But then came today’s news that Attorney General Holder is canceling weekend activities to have emergency oral surgery to repair his broken tooth.  It is still unclear what lead to this accident, but the news does not come in a vacuum.  In the last month, we have seen Secretary of State Clinton undergo surgery to repair her fractured elbow, injured in a fall.  We have also seen President Obama’s first nominee for the Supreme Court fall and break her ankle early in her confirmation process.

So for all the talk about the different forms of the “Obama Effect“, I think there is compelling evidence in favor of a so-far uninvestigated, but more likely consequence of the Obama presidency: random injury.  Somebody get Griff Jenkins on the case.

Victims of the “Obama Effect” to date:

1. Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor- Broken Ankle

2. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton- Broken Elbow

3. Attorney General Eric Holder- Chipped Tooth

4. Me- Torn Up Face (medical term)

Glass Jaw

The Real "Obama Effect"



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