Affordable Bikes UPDATE

17 Jul

One more good option for an affordable bike out of Florida by Republic Bike. The semi-custom track bikes are perfect for the in the moment hipster deep inside all of us.  Choose from a limited set of colors to build the bike you want to ride.

They’re so trendy that Urban Outfitters has even picked up on this idea and teamed up with Republic to offer bikes on their website. I would urge any takers to avoid the Urban site and go straight to the source so as not to puff up the conservative supporting coffers of Richard Hayne.

I guess this is a good addition to the market, and it’s a smart model, but the cookie cutter “custom” makes me a little queasy. Whatever you say about these cycles, timeless they are not.

Republic Bikes

Republic Bikes $399


2 Responses to “Affordable Bikes UPDATE”

  1. Paul July 17, 2009 at 8:21 pm #

    I disagree- these bikes are total crap. Riding a track bike made from hi-ten steel is like running a mile in ski boots. It is weak, heavy, and very cheap (It is used far more in industrial applications for a reason). These bikes are designed to be walked through trendy neighborhoods or stood next to, not ridden. Add in the fact that 90% of these are likely purchased using the “rider’s” mother’s credit card, and your queasiness should turn to severe nausea fairly quickly. When aesthetics dominate function to this degree, a bike simply turns into another fashion accesory. If you want a fixed gear or singlespeed bike made from decent quality steel for <$400, go to If you want to impress the square glasses-wearing 19 year old girl writing poetry at you local coffee shop, it would be easier to just get a tattoo or something.

  2. Ben July 17, 2009 at 8:30 pm #

    Agreed with your general principle but I think in my view, the addition of aesthetics into the equation of affordable bikes is a good thing. Republic clearly relies on a very particular niche that is trendy right now, and not particularly original. And their partnership with UO clearly speaks to the space they hope to stake out. But I think the goal of offering something people can afford, that they like the look of is an important one. Building quality into the equation of course matters, but some people just want a means to get from point A to point B so there are different levels of quality at play here.

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