31 Oct

GQ Eye Fail

The new is extremely frustrating.  First of all, the unannounced overnight transition from to was not appreciated.  Our friends at the Biased Cut Blog tipped us to the switch weeks in advance, but it still came as shock once the change finally occurred.  I’m not averse to change altogether and I think the GQ site is much sharper, more intuitive and more visually appealing, but I find many of the subtle tweaks plain annoying.

My most serious gripe however, is that the rss feed from the GQ Eye Blog fails to load pictures into my Google Reader.  I know Conde Nast is dying and all, and they need page views to sell ads, but I’m considering dropping their RSS alltogether unless they make a change.  I’m happy to look at ads in my reader for the cost of easy viewing.  Forcing me to the site to see pictures just makes me less likely to read their content.  And that’s bad for everyone invloved.


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