Against The Greater Good

18 Feb

(Graphic stolen from Nathaniel Kerksick)

DC has a pretty poor record when it comes to supporting creative local clothing stores.  Just ask the District Line how easy it is to run a men’s closing shop here.  I suppose you can say that for any city because lets face it, running a small business is pretty hard.  Especially during the 2nd great depression.  But it was quite a disappointment when one of my favorite local stores, For the Greater Good, quite literally folded up shop.

Happily, they’ll apparently be offering their goods at their brother outpost, Commonwealth.  It’s too bad that the DC market can’t support 2 good clothing stores at the same time.  Even if they were on the same block.


One Response to “Against The Greater Good”

  1. rasta April 21, 2010 at 2:03 pm #

    For the Greater Good didn’t fold. That was a concept shop for Commonwealth. While Commonwealth always had that space as an additional storage unit for Commonwealth product. The last year of the lease decided to do a concept to test new brands into the market in DC. All the brands are now in Commonwealth amongst others to further educate customers in different genres.

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