Clean Up the Mess, Get Back To Work

24 Mar

Is this a video from the recent spat of rage induced vandalism sweeping the country as angry Americans react to the passage of heath insurance reform?  No.  It’s from 2008, during the presidential campaign.  One of many such incidents.

You know it’s a slow news day when the Washington press corps starts paying attention to a couple bricks through a couple of windows.   TPM’s treating it like an outbreak of swine flu.  But people who’ve worked on campaigns, particularly the 2008 elections, will tell you that bricks through windows are an unfortunately common occurrence, and they’re also nothing to get too worked up about.  I don’t want to downplay the significance of vandalism, but this vandalism is not significant at all.

This kind of thing just happens.  It happened before health care passed, it will happen after.  It only seems like a bigger deal because national news outlets are covering it.  We should all heed the wise words of my former colleague (boss) Nick Kimball who’s prescription for curing the ills of brick through window-itus is simple:  “We just clean up the mess and get back to work.”


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