Why people think environmentalists are crazy.

27 Sep

It’s not because they dress up as polar bears and publicly do unchaste things to the planet earth.  And it’s not because they unironically use terms like “Big Green” to describe large environmental organizations.  It’s because their understanding of the political realm they seek to influence,  how they come across to other people and American culture more generally seems so disconnected from reality that observers are left with no reasonable conclusion other than to assume that these folks just have a few screws loose.

Maybe I’m overgeneralizing, but that’s how I feel when I read that certain “environmentalists” such as Kieran Suckling are trying to find a Nader-esque candidate to challenge President Obama in the primaries.  This is a dangerous and counterproductive idea that should be promptly squashed by anyone who hopes to see any chance of progress on environmental issues now or after the 2012 elections.  One official refereed to this plan as “a lunatic notion”. It is.  You may stir up some attention to the environment, but you’ll weaken President Obama’s candidacy in the process, undermine the tenuous unity on the left on environmental issues and further drive the storyline that environmentalism=extremism.  Please just stop.


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