Jay Carney

27 Jan

CJR points to this nice, informative example of what we might see from the new White House Press Secretary in his more combative moments.  But what’s even more interesting is how Carney himself wrote about the experience on Time’s Swampland blog in his previous life:

“Wallace’s bash-the-media exercise has its merits as a campaign tactic. It certainly rallies the base. But the base won’t lift McCain to 50% in November. More importantly, in her smug dismissal of the media’s role in asking questions of the candidates, Wallace was really showing contempt not for reporters, but for voters. I bet there are a lot of undecided voters out there who were intrigued by Sarah Palin last night, but who don’t yet know enough about her — what she believes, what she knows — to be comfortable with the idea of her as vice president of the United States. It’s important to them to know if Palin can handle herself in an environment that isn’t controlled and sanitized by campaign image makers and message mavens. Maybe she can, maybe she can’t. As far as Wallace is concerned, it’s none of their — or your — business.”

How will his views shift now that he’s a message maven himself?  Like the appointment of Daley was cast as a fig leaf to the business community, does the appointment of Carney represent a shift in how the White House deals with press?  I suspect not.  Once you’re in the job of press secretary, you can’t really afford to let the principle of openness to press questioning compete with your responsibility to make sure the message gets through as you want it to.  Don’t expect Carney to make a 180 degree turn, but it is a rare opportunity to play the money where your mouth is game.


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